Vert Shock Workout Table

Vert Shock is a vertical dive training program developed by expert gamer, Adam Folker, and leading dunker, Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington.

The program takes a different method to traditional upright jump training and utilizes the principle of high-intensity innovative plyometrics specifically to produce MAXIMUM gains in the quickest amount of time.

While this technique may diverge from standard dive training techniques, it has revealed amazing effectiveness in novice and amateur athletes.

Although the insurance claim of a 9-15 inch gain might be exaggerated, the program is real and creates noticeable outcomes for most of its individuals.

Results, obviously, differ from person to person, however usually, athletes gain between 6-10 inches after finishing the 8-week program.

However, for ideal outcomes, it is suggested to integrate the program with a strengthening toughness regimen like the going along with ‘Complex Training Regimens’.

Overall, Vert Shock is an exceptional and efficient program backed by science, and it’s got a tested performance history of working for countless athletes around the world helping them enhance their vertical dive and dive higher.

And given that the entire program prices simply $67 and includes a full 60-day money-back warranty, there’s truly very little factor not to try it.

Bottom Line:
If you’re in an early stage of creating your upright jump and you’re seeking a quick, proven way to increase your leaping capacity, Vert Shock is among the very best methods to do so.

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What does Vert Shock entail?

The Vert Shock program includes three parts and aims to improve your capability to jump greater. Unlike many various other dive training programs, this program does not exclusively concentrate on stamina training. Instead, it uses methods that amaze your muscular tissues, enabling you to achieve better vertical jump elevations than you ever before imagined.

Throughout the 8-week program, you’ll experience a gradual enhancement in your upright dive. By the end of the initial week, you’ll see an boost of 3-5 inches, and by the end of the 2nd phase, you’ll have acquired an remarkable 9-15 inches ( specific results may differ). The final stage focuses on keeping and strengthening these gains, guaranteeing you can carry out at your ideal whenever and anywhere you require to display your vertical jump skills.

Just How Does Vert Shock Job?

If you read this Vert Shock testimonial, then you have actually possibly already spent many hours on toughness training in order to improve your jump. Despite having all that effort, you probably didn’t see gains of greater than a few inches– and you absolutely really did not see them over night! So, you could be unconvinced of a program which guarantees to boost your dive fired by 3-5 inches in the first week and offer you as much as 15 inch gains on your upright jump by the end of the 8-week program. The reason that Vert Shock can obtain outcomes when various other techniques could not is because it educates your rapid twitch muscle fibers and additionally instructs you just how to use these fibers in your body when you require them– like right prior to leaping for a dunk shot.

“Unlock Your Vertical Dive Possible”

Pre Shock Phase

Throughout the first week, your body will undergo preparation for the upcoming workouts, and you’ll acquire understanding right into your muscle mass fibers’ functioning. This initial phase, lasting 7 days, will certainly prepare for a 3-5 inch rise in your upright dive.

Shock Phase

This is the most extreme part of the Vert Shock program. It lasts 6 weeks and needs a commitment to training. You are anticipated to do a mix of plyometric and strength-training workouts 4 times per week (less than 1 hour per session is called for). You will discover how to utilize your nervous system so you get explosive power from your fast-twitch muscular tissue fibers without tiring your power gets.

Post-Shock Phase

This last stage of Vert Shock is everything about instructing your muscles to act on command, so they provide you explosive efficiency without you having to consider it. This component is really essential because it isn’t enough to have a high upright jump– you’ve additionally reached have the ability to supply the high jump continually.

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The Science Behind Vert Shock

The Vert Shock program utilizes the principles of slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle mass fibers. When going over athletic ability, we generally refer to muscles as a whole. Nevertheless, muscles are really composed of numerous person fibers. These fiber bundles contract to produce movement. Within muscles, there are two key types of fibers, each in charge of controlling movement in a distinctive fashion:

Muscle fibers categorized as quick and slow twitch

Slow-Twitch Muscular Tissue Fibers: These are smaller fibers which are made for endurance-based movements such as running. They are extremely efficient fibers as they do not require much fuel to create movement and can keep choosing extended periods of time before really feeling fatigued. Athletes like long-distance runners mainly use their slow-twitch muscle mass fibers.

Achieve Vertical Leap Proficiency with the Vert Shock Program


The Vert Shock program is specifically produced to enhance your vertical jump by approximately 15 inches within just 8 weeks. This is accomplished with a strong focus on plyometric and bodyweight workouts that properly target and turn on the muscles in your legs and core. The program is structured into 3 distinctive phases and offers useful worksheets to describe the exercise sessions for every single week. In addition, it uses high-quality videos showing the proper method for each exercise.

The program’s performance is truly impressive. Its clear and succinct instructions make it easy to follow, and the outcomes represent themselves – you’ll begin seeing development in a snap!


The program takes simply two months to finish, and you normally start seeing outcomes concerning half method. That’s quick!
No weightlifting workouts in the base program. That suggests no tools and no health club needed.
Everything is understandable and adhere to and the framework of the program is exceptionally basic.
There’s a lot of variety when it comes to the workouts which leaves you well rounded and lean by the end.
Much more course material is offered, and sources are given such as a video clip collection and even more.


Individuals that are injury-prone or over the age of 30 might locate it challenging to stay on top of the program.
Background information on the science behind each exercise is rather doing not have.