Vert Shock Routine

Vert Shock is a specialized training regimen for boosting upright leaps that was created by Adam Folker, a competent professional athlete, and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, a prominent high-flyer.

This program utilizes a special method for upright jump training that differs typical methods. It focuses exclusively on high-intensity sophisticated plyometrics to attain the greatest feasible enhancements in the quickest duration.

This approach could be thought about unbalanced by traditional jump training requirements, yet when it pertains to novice and novice athletes, it has actually confirmed to function significantly well.

Although the insurance claim of a 9-15 inch gain may be overemphasized, the program is real and creates obvious results for the majority of its individuals.

The program’s end results may vary from individual to individual, however generally, participants can expect to see an rise of 6-10 inches in their vertical jump upon completion of the 8-week plan.

That claimed, to obtain the very best outcomes, it is advised to integrate the program with a supporting stamina regimen such as the complementary ‘Complex Training Regimens’.

Overall, Vert Shock is an exceptional and efficient program backed by scientific research, and it’s obtained a tested track record of working for thousands of athletes worldwide helping them boost their vertical dive and jump higher.

Moreover, taking into consideration the program’s affordability at just $67 and the assurance of a complete 60-day money-back warranty, it’s tough to locate a factor not to give it a try.

If you’re just beginning on your upright dive trip and you’re looking for a rapid and trusted approach to increase your jumping skills, Vert Shock is an exceptional option to take into consideration.

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What Is Vert Shock?

The Vert Shock program includes 3 components and intends to improve your capacity to leap greater. Unlike many other jump training programs, this program does not solely focus on stamina training. Rather, it makes use of methods that surprise your muscular tissues, enabling you to achieve higher upright jump elevations than you ever visualized.

The entire program lasts 8 weeks. By the end of the first week, you will certainly already be able to leap 3-5 inches greater. By the end of the second stage, you will certainly have included 9-15 inches to your upright dive ( depending upon what your first capacities were). The final phase is about solidifying these results so you can leap high whenever and any place you need to.

How Does Vert Shock Work?

If you are reading this Vert Shock review, after that you have probably already invested many hours on strength training in order to enhance your dive. Despite having all that effort, you most likely really did not see gains of more than a few inches– and you absolutely didn’t see them overnight! So, you could be skeptical of a program which assures to enhance your jump fired by 3-5 inches in the very first week and give you as much as 15 inch gains on your upright dive by the end of the 8-week program. The factor that Vert Shock can obtain outcomes when other methods could not is since it trains your rapid twitch muscle mass fibers and also shows you just how to use these fibers in your body when you need them– like right before leaping for a dunk shot.

There are 3 phases of Vert Shock:

Pre Shock Stage

This preliminary stage lasts 7 days. It is made to prepare your body for the exercises in the 2nd stage and to assist you identify your muscular tissue fiber usage. After just this Pre Shock Stage, you will be able to boost your upright dive by 3 to 5 inches.

“Surprise Duration”

During the six-week duration of the Vert Shock program’s most intensive segment, a strenuous training routine is compulsory. Participants should dedicate themselves to carrying out a mix of plyometric and strength-training exercises four times each week, with each session lasting less than an hour. The program concentrates on utilizing the power of your nerves to unlock eruptive power from your fast-twitch muscular tissue fibers while saving your energy books.

Post-Shock Phase

This final phase of Vert Shock is everything about educating your muscles to act upon command, so they give you explosive efficiency without you having to think about it. This part is extremely important because it isn’t enough to have a high vertical dive– you’ve additionally reached have the ability to supply the high jump regularly.

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The Scientific Research Behind Vert Shock

The Vert Shock program makes use of the principles of slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscular tissue fibers. When going over sports capacity, we normally describe muscular tissues as a whole. Nevertheless, muscular tissues are actually made up of numerous individual fibers. These fiber bundles agreement to generate movement. Within muscle mass, there are two main sorts of fibers, each in charge of controlling motion in a unique way:

Muscle mass fibers classified as fast and slow-moving jerk

Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibers: These are smaller sized fibers which are developed for endurance-based movements such as running. They are really efficient fibers as they do not call for much fuel to create motion and can maintain opting for extended periods of time before really feeling tired out. Professional athletes like long-distance runners mainly utilize their slow-twitch muscular tissue fibers.

Achieve Vertical Leap Mastery with the Vert Shock Program


The Vert Shock program is specifically developed to enhance your vertical jump by approximately 15 inches within just 8 weeks. This is attained with a solid focus on plyometric and bodyweight workouts that efficiently target and activate the muscles in your legs and core. The program is structured into three unique phases and offers handy worksheets to detail the exercise sessions for each week. In addition, it uses top notch videos showing the appropriate method for each workout.

If I needed to explain the program in one word, I would certainly state: efficient. Whatever is very easy to follow, and the program obtains outcomes fast!


The program takes just two months to finish, and you normally start seeing results regarding half method. That’s quickly!
No weight training exercises in the base program. That implies no equipment and no health club needed.
Every little thing is easy to understand and follow and the framework of the program is extremely simple.
There’s a lot of selection when it involves the exercises which leaves you well rounded and lean by the end.
A lot more training course material is available, and resources are supplied such as a video clip collection and even more.


People that are accident-prone or have gotten to an advanced age may battle to maintain the program’s speed. Furthermore, the program’s clinical foundation for each and every workout could take advantage of even more in-depth descriptions.