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Vert Shock is a vertical dive training program created by specialist player, Adam Folker, and leading dunker, Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington.

This program utilizes a unique method for vertical jump training that differs traditional techniques. It focuses only on high-intensity sophisticated plyometrics to accomplish the highest possible enhancements in the quickest period.

While this method might diverge from conventional jump training techniques, it has actually shown impressive effectiveness in newbie and beginner professional athletes.

Although the insurance claim of a 9-15 inch gain might be exaggerated, the program is authentic and generates visible results for the majority of its users.

Results, obviously, differ from person to person, but generally, athletes gain in between 6-10 inches after completing the 8-week program.

That stated, to get the most effective outcomes, it is advised to incorporate the program with a supporting toughness regimen such as the corresponding ‘Complex Training Regimens’.

Generally, Vert Shock is a impressive and reliable program sustained by clinical evidence, and it has a demonstrated background of success for many professional athletes around the world by assisting them in improving their leaping capability and attaining greater dives.

And given that the whole program costs simply $67 and comes with a total 60-day money-back warranty, there’s actually not much reason not to try it.

Bottom Line:
If you’re simply beginning on your vertical jump trip and you’re looking for a quick and trustworthy approach to improve your jumping skills, Vert Shock is an superb option to think about.

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What Is Vert Shock?

The Vert Shock program includes 3 parts and aims to enhance your capability to leap higher. Unlike the majority of other dive training programs, this program does not solely focus on toughness training. Rather, it uses techniques that surprise your muscular tissues, allowing you to achieve higher vertical jump elevations than you ever before thought of.

Throughout the 8-week program, you’ll experience a progressive improvement in your upright jump. By the end of the initial week, you’ll observe an rise of 3-5 inches, and by the end of the 2nd stage, you’ll have obtained an impressive 9-15 inches (individual results may vary). The final stage focuses on keeping and solidifying these gains, guaranteeing you can do at your finest whenever and any place you require to display your upright jump skills.

How Does Vert Shock Work?

If you are presently reading this review for Vert Shock, it’s most likely that you have already dedicated many hours to toughness training in hopes of boosting your leaping ability. Regardless of all of your hard work, the outcomes possibly haven’t been considerable, and certainly didn’t come promptly. Therefore, you might be hesitant concerning a program that asserts to enhance your dive by 3-5 inches within the first week and supply up to 15 inches of improvement by the end of the 8-week program. The reason why Vert Shock attains results where other approaches have failed is because it focuses on training your quick twitch muscular tissue fibers and shows you exactly how to effectively utilize them in scenarios such as preparing for a dunk shot.

“Unlock Your Upright Jump Potential”

Pre Shock Stage

During the initial week, your body will certainly undertake preparation for the upcoming workouts, and you’ll gain insight into your muscular tissue fibers’ functioning. This first phase, lasting seven days, will prepare for a 3-5 inch rise in your upright dive.

Shock Phase

This is the most intense part of the Vert Shock program. It lasts 6 weeks and requires a dedication to training. You are expected to do a mix of plyometric and strength-training exercises 4 times per week (less than 1 hour per session is called for). You will certainly learn just how to use your nerve system so you obtain explosive power from your fast-twitch muscular tissue fibers without tiring your power reserves.

“Moving Forward After Shock”

This last phase of Vert Shock is everything about showing your muscle mass to act on command, so they offer you eruptive efficiency without you having to think of it. This part is really important since it isn’t adequate to have a high upright dive– you have actually likewise reached be able to deliver the high jump consistently.

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Revealing the Scientific Explanation of Vert Shock

The Vert Shock program is based on the science of slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. When we discuss athletic performance, we typically just discuss muscles in general. Muscular tissues are comprised of bundles of individual fibers. When these bundles agreement, we get motion. There are 2 primary types of fibers which make up muscles, each of which manages our movement in a different way:

quick and slow down twitch muscle mass fibers

Endurance-oriented motions like running are facilitated by slow-twitch muscle mass fibers, which are smaller sized in dimension. These fibers are made to be reliable, making use of very little gas to produce activity and enduring prolonged periods of activity before exhaustion sets in. Long-distance runners and various other endurance professional athletes greatly depend on their slow-twitch muscular tissue fibers.

Accomplish Vertical Leap Mastery with the Vert Shock Program


The Vert Shock program is specifically developed to enhance your vertical jump by approximately 15 inches within just 8 weeks. This is achieved through a solid emphasis on plyometric and bodyweight exercises that properly target and turn on the muscles in your legs and core. The program is structured right into 3 distinct stages and supplies valuable worksheets to outline the workout sessions for every single week. Additionally, it offers high-grade video clips demonstrating the proper strategy for each workout.

The program’s efficiency is genuinely excellent. Its clear and succinct instructions make it easy to comply with, and the outcomes promote themselves – you’ll start seeing development in no time at all!


The program is made to supply outcomes promptly, with noticeable progress usually happening around the halfway mark, which is simply 2 months into the program. Among the benefits of this program is that it doesn’t need any type of weightlifting workouts, which implies you won’t require to stress over gym subscriptions or bulky tools. The program is additionally straightforward and easy to follow, with a simple structure that makes it very easy to stay on track. In addition, the program provides a varied variety of exercises that will certainly help you attain a lean, well-rounded figure by the end. Plus, you’ll have access to a riches of added sources, consisting of a video library and more, to aid you obtain one of the most out of the program.


People who are injury-prone or over the age of 30 could find it tough to stay up to date with the program.
History details on the scientific research behind each workout is rather doing not have.